in March of 2011, Mal "Peaceable" Cronin went missing on an unaccompanied hiking trip through Gwydir Forest, Wales.
months of searching turned up empty handed. in 2018, Mal was legally declared dead, a small funeral was held. we all tried to move on with our lives after that.
for 10 years there were no leads, Mal, it seemed, had disappeared clean off the face of the earth.

in June of 2021, two weeks ago as i write this, Mal's laptop and camera were found in a clearing 350 km from where they were last seen.
i made this webpage as a means to preserve Mal's memory. I have shared their art, their poetry, their writing, so that they may live on.
Mal, if you are reading this, please come home, we miss you, and you still haven't given me back my Jamiroquai CDs.





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